JFS Ambassador

CJP Billiards is proud to be an ambassador for JFlowers! JFlowers makes the best cost affordable cues on the market. They're changing the way new players can access high grade cues for a fraction of the price. Carbon fiber cues are all the rage nowadays for their durability and low deflection. Most carbon fiber shafts run between $450-$600!!! JFlowers offers their Aspirant line of cues. $300 for a carbon fiber shaft, and a butt! That's literally half the price of the competiton and is an entire cue ready to play with! If you don't like carbon fiber shafts, they offer a low deflection wood shaft for $300 plus a butt. They of course have cues that range from $300 all the way to $3000, so if you are looking for a fantastic cue on a budget, or wanting something high quality they have the cue for you! Visit JFlowers here!